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Consulbaja, S.C. has had an active participation in real estate projects within the Mexican territory, including the representation of clients in relation to the acquisition, financing, leasing and sale of real estate; the creation of residential, commercial, industrial and touristic developments. The scope of our services includes related aspects of the utmost importance, such as zoning, use of soil, incorporation of condominium regimes, as well as obtaining the authorizations and permits necessary for the development and operation of each one of the referred activities. Likewise, we advise national and foreign specialized institutions and clients regarding financing with real estate guaranties.

One of Consulbaja´s main practice area is related to real estate transactions. This process initiates with the acquisition or contribution of property lots for different purposes, through the structuring of legal corporate and operational framework for the respective development, and obtain the necessary authorizations and permits to develop such projects. This includes also the drafts of all such documents necessary for the sale of our clients’ products. Those who are devoted to the real estate industry are well aware that this type of business is complex and requires a very particular expertise, and here in Consulbaja, S.C., we pride ourselves to have the necessary experience for our clients’ plans to become a reality.

Within the applicable legal framework, particularly we have experience rendering services related to:

  • Preparation, negotiation and execution of all kind of agreements for the acquisition real estate.
  • Preparation of trusts including real estate matters.
  • Co-ownership regulation.
  • Boundaries and adjoining delimitation.
  • Confirmation of property titles, uses of soil, Integral Tourist Developments, fractioning, changes in the uses of soil in accordance to the zoning established under the Urban Development Director Plan.
  • Diligences to obtain Federal, State and Municipal authorizations and permits corresponding to develop touristic, industrial and residential projects.
  • Contractual framework for the commercialization and transfer of real estate products (touristic, hotel and residential).
  • Incorporation of Condominium Regimes.
  • Consultancy and management of Condominium Associations.
  • Compliance of Mexican Official Norms (NOM) and other applicable provisions, related to the real estate industry in every level.
  • Procedures to obtain Federal Maritime Terrestrial Zone concessions.
  • Procedures before the National Water Commission (CNA) in order to obtain Federal Zone concessions.
  • Procedures before National Water Commission (CNA) regarding concessions for the placing of desalination plants in order to provide the projects with potable water.
  • Procedures before the Ministry of Communications and Transportation (SCT) to obtain maritime area concessions for the establishment of minor and major port infrastructure.
  • Procedures before the Integral Port Administration (API) regarding agreements in respect to the partial transfer of rights over maritime areas.


At Consulbaja, S.C., we have a significant experience advising our clients in regard to general corporate matters, including those aspects related to the incorporation, transformation, dissolution and liquidation of all kind of commercial entities and civil companies and associations. Our services include amongst others, the organization of the corporate framework that will govern the business, the management of the companies and the follow up of the internal operation of all entities.

Within the corporate law area, we have participated in the organization and operation of controlling entities and large company groups and conglomerates, their restructuring, joint venture agreements, syndicate credits, as well as within the planning of investment protection scenarios and its management.

Particularly, the services we render in this regard are, amongst others:

  • Design of the corporate organization in accordance to the business frame of our clients.
  • Preparation of bylaws and articles of incorporation of companies.
  • Corporation’s mergers, spin-offs and acquisitions.
  • Handling and management of corporate books and documents.
  • Preparation of Ordinary, Extraordinary and Special Shareholders/Partners Meetings, as well as Board of Directors’ and Board of Managers’ Meetings.
  • Capital stock increases and decreases.
  • Preparation of all kind of agreements related to the integration of investors groups to business (shareholders agreements, joint ventures, capital contribution, purchase and sale, etc.).
  • Providing advice regarding conflicts among shareholders/partners.
  • Due diligence services, from previous to any corporate transaction to the examination of the compliance with all applicable obligations.


The environmental matters are of significant importance for the performance of those projects being carried out in the zone, and Consulbaja, S.C., has had a vast experience attending issues related to:

  • Advising our clients for the fulfilment of environmental regulations.
  • Providing advice regarding the procedures and obtainment of environmental authorizations.
  • Compliance with Mexican Official Norms (NOM) and other regulations, applicable to the developments and products to be commercialized by our clients.
  • Environmental Legal Audit.


We offer our clients integral legal services regarding immigration issues. The foregoing includes all the necessary advice and coordination regarding the procedures for obtaining visas and permits to work and stay in Mexico, for our foreign clients, as well as the update, renewal and, should it be the case, amendment to such immigration documents.

Amongst others, our immigration services include:

  • Obtaining permits and documents from the National Immigration Institute.
  • Obtaining immigration documents and permits for the household goods and furnishings for family members of trusted employees and technicians.


In respect to litigation, Consulbaja, S.C., has successfully represented the interests of our clients, supporting all the legal services we provide to them. Particularly, Consulbaja, S.C., has the necessary experience to assist to our clients regarding:

  • Commercial, Civil, and Labor procedures (Federal as well as Local).
  • Federal Administrative Litigation procedures.
  • Family Law Procedures.
  • Bancruptcy, re-organizations, and others.


The appropriate labor structure of our clients is equally essential to their operations and therefore, Consulbaja, S.C., provides advice regarding their legal relationship with their employees, as well as regarding the social security framework applicable in our country.

In particular, Consulbaja, S.C., advises its clients regarding:

  • Preparation and execution of labor agreements and supervision of the defined labor scheme.
  • Relations with Unions, including the execution of collective bargaining agreements and their periodic negotiation.
  • Hiring of all kind of officers and employees.
  • Resolution of labor conflicts before the Labor Board.


Consulbaja, S.C., advises its clients with respect to industrial and intellectual property in the following areas:

  • National Registry, as well as maintenance of the rights over the trademarks intellectual property, commercial notices, designs and all kind of works.
  • Negotiation of the Agreements of Licences, Franchises, Distribution, Technology Transfer and Technical Assistance


We at Consulbaja, S.C., have a strong commitment with the community, and consequently we make a real effort to contribute to the development of those poorly favoured sectors, promoting the culture, the education,  the human rights and all kind of philanthropic activities, through amongst others, of the corporate and tax assistance to institutions with non-profit-making. We are involved in social projects, since we are convinced that our profession, as any other, has the duty to assist the society, rendering high level legal services.

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