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The Federal Rights Law (Ley Federal de Derechos) (the “Law”) is the legal instrument that establishes the rights that the State will receive due to the provision of services as a public entity (i.e. immigration, customs services, etc.) as well as by the consideration that individuals must pay for the use and exploitation of the assets that are of public domain and owned by the Mexican Nation (i.e. beaches, federal zones, etc.). On December 07, 2016, the decree by means of which various provisions of the Law were amended, added and derogated was published in the Mexican Official Gazette. Such modifications to the Law were enacted as a result of the recent reforms that were made to the financial and telecommunications sectors, among others.

The amounts that correspond to the rights and services that are regulated under the Law, have been updated by the Tax Miscellaneous Resolution applicable for the year 2017, Annex 19 which was published in the Mexican Official Gazette on December 23, 2016.

As an example, and because of the importance that generates in the area of Los Cabos, below you will find the amounts applicable in 2017 regarding the use and exploitation of beaches, federal maritime terrestrial zones, lands gained to the sea or any other deposits made in maritime waters (Articles 232-C and 232-D of the Law).





(Concession for Protection Purposes) (Concession for purposes of agriculture, livestock, fishing, aquaculture and extraction of certain stones )  



(Concession for General Use)

  (pesos/m2) (pesos/m2) (pesos/m2)


$0.35 $0.139 $1.29
ZONE II $0.84 $0.139 $2.71
ZONE III $1.80 $0.139 $5.54
ZONE IV $2.79 $0.139 $8.34
ZONE V $3.75 $0.139 $11.20
ZONE VI $5.84 $0.139 $16.84
ZONE VII $7.79 $0.139 $22.49
ZONE VIII $14.71 $0.139 $42.34
ZONE IX $19.66 $0.139 $56.48
ZONE X $39.45 $0.139 $113.09
ZONE XI Sub-zone A $17.80 $0.127 $63.96
ZONE XI Sub-zone B $35.73 $0.127 $128.03

The Municipality of Los Cabos, Baja California Sur is classified within ZONE X.
Note: This document is a summary with disclosure purposes only. For any comments regarding this release, please contact any member or attorney of Consulbaja S.C.

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